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Professional Roofers near River Oaks, TX

It is vital for families in the River Oaks area to have sturdy and dependable roofs that provide protection from heavy rainstorms and damaging winds. At Precision Roof Crafters, we have been working for over twenty-five years to provide these needed services. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with every job, big or small. 

Roofing Services & Repairs

Occasional roof repairs are important for keeping your roof in good condition. You should never neglect to fix small problems because even a minor defect can let water in and cause rot and mold. If you notice anything different with your roof, give our team a call. We have honest pricing and we will always arrive on time for your roof repair. 

One important aspect of roof care is gutter repair and cleaning services. Your gutters should be cleaned and repaired bi-annually or even more often depending on the accumulation of leaves and other debris. We take care of this and other routine tasks.

Roof Maintenance

Your roof is your first defense against storms, wind, and even sunshine. All of these natural factors can work against your roof over time, causing it to break down. One of the best things you can do to protect your roof is to plan for regular maintenance. Each year you should have your roof checked for leaks and other problems, and you should have your gutters cleaned to keep the moisture away from your roof. 

Roof Replacement Services

Depending on the material used during the original installation, your home may not need a roof replacement for many years. A high-quality roof will need to be replaced anywhere from 20 to 100 years or more after installation. If your roof is showing signs of wear and tear or if it has recently been damaged in a storm, you can trust us for the best roof replacements in the River Oaks area. 

Roofing Inspection Services

Roof inspections are important both as a regular yearly maintenance task and when purchasing or selling a home. When you call Precision Roof Crafters for a professional inspection, we will inspect your attics, gutters, shingles, roof fasteners, flashing, chimney, and more. At the end of our inspection, we will give you a report with all of the information you need about your roof’s condition and expected repair or replacement needs. 

Roofing Systems

A well-designed roof system will keep your attic dry, protect your home from changing temperatures, and keep the inside of your home comfortable. Our roof systems start with a leak barrier that protects areas that are susceptible to leaks. Next will come roof deck protection to keep moisture off of the deck even during strong storms. A drip edge will ensure that water stays away from the edge of your roof and will make your roofing system look complete. 

Once these preliminary protections are in place, we will install a starter strip followed by the rest of the shingles. We recommend ridge vents on many homes to keep attics dry and cool. Finally, a ridge cap shingle will be installed on top to make your roof look polished and attractive. We install many different roofing systems such as Hanson, Henry, Johns Manville, and more. 

Types of Roofs

It can be overwhelming to decide on the type of roof for your home, but with Precision Roof Crafters, you can be assured that any type of roof installed by us will be long-lasting, durable, and effective. You can choose between metal roofing, high-quality shingle roofs, tile roofs, and even flat roofs for modern home styles or businesses. We are experts on the installation and repair of all types of roofs and you can always call for more information. 

Historical Restoration Services

River Oaks, TX, has many beautiful historic homes. The owners of these homes often wish to retain the building’s original beauty and craftsmanship while also utilizing modern techniques and materials. We are passionate about historical roof restoration and we are excited to get started on your restoration project.

Commercial Roofing Services

In addition to residential properties, we also provide expert repair, replacement, and inspection services for commercial roofs in the River Oaks area. We are well-respected by businesses in the area for our prompt service, flawless installations and repair services, professional demeanor, and honest prices. Our goal is to minimize disruption to your business so that you can continue to succeed.

Our goal at Precision Roof Crafters is to keep our customers dry and safe all year through fast and excellent services. We live up to our name by striving for precision in our installations, estimates, and inspections. Call us today to take advantage of our roofing services.