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Historical Roof Restoration & Repairs In Houston

Beautiful gray traditional victorian house. House has an American Flag haning over the porch and shows a beautiful garden with flowers and trees. Set against a cloudless blue sky[/caption]

Precision Roof Crafters is your local specialist in historical roof restoration and repairs throughout the Greater Houston area. Our Houston roofing contractors have repaired, replaced, and restored all types of residential and commercial historic roofing systems in Texas for more than two decades.

We are proud to be well-known for our precision quality craftsmanship in capturing the original beauty of a roof during the historical roof restoration process. Our roofing contractors can help you to preserve the overall historical character and value of your home or building.

Even the most beautiful historical building can suffer roof damage over time. If you need historical roof restoration now because of storm damage or you need a roofing contractor for maintenance and repair as the structure ages, call us for service.

Historical Roof Restoration For All Roof Types

Our roofing projects often involve historical roof restoration because there are still so many distinctive architectural buildings in Houston.

We’ve repaired many historic slate, copper, metal, and clay roofs in the area, so we are well versed in the historic preservation requirements and permitting by the City of Houston Planning & Development Department.

• Slate Roof Restoration

• Metal Roof Restoration

• Copper Roof Restoration

• Terra Cotta Roof Tile Restoration

• Spanish Tile Roof Restoration

• Concrete Tile Roof Restoration

• Ceramic Roof Tile Restoration

• Clay Tile Roof Restoration

• Cedar Roof Restoration

If you are looking for a professional roofing contractor for Historical Roof Restoration in Houston then please call 1-713-799-8555 or complete our Online Request Form.