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Complete Residential Roof Repair and Replacement in Houston, Texas

Residential Shingle Roof Replacement in Houston, Texas

After completing the exterior and attic inspection, we began moving forward with the roof replacement by completly removing of exisitng roof system. We began by identifying and removing the damaged decking. Onced the decking was repaired, we started work on important areas like small corners and other hard to access areas. These are the details that matter most and can prevent future leaks by rerouting water appropriately. We proceeded with a roof friendly satellite installation that protects the roof warranty.

Once completed, we proceeded with the roof clean up and finished with a good day's work ending with a beautiful sunset. The finished project was another masterpiece performed by the premier Houston roofing company in Houston -Precision Roofing.

If you are looking for a professional Houston Roofing contractor then please call 1-800-ROOF-PRO or complete our Online Request Form.