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Our very long inspection checklist keeps your roof in top shape

checklist One of the most important and valuable services we provide at Precision Roof Crafters is the comprehensive 22-point inspection and evaluation of a property's roof system. Performing that check of all the vital components of the roof will tell us if there are any hidden or lingering problems that could turn into bigger expensive flare ups down the road, and determine if there are any enhancements or other work that will need to be done to keep everything in good working order.

We won't get into every point of the inspection here, but people often ask us how there can be so many components of a roof that need to be looked at and evaluated.

Here are the main points of the Precision Roof Crafters roof evaluation:

That list and more is what members of our Overhead Club Yearly Maintenance Program have performed, so they're always aware of what is going on with their roof system. It gives them some peace of mind that a small problem won't linger and become an expensive one, which is the best service we can give them in the long run.

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