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Houston Zion Tile Roofing

Zion Tile is a prestigious company representing manufactures of various clay and ceramic roof tiles, floor tiles, pavers, bricks, and pool copings. Our professional experience allows us to present these authentic high quality products in a cost effective, timely and efficient manner. We are pleased to have our products in service throughout the United States.

Alhambra Roofing Tiles

The Alhambra handcrafted clay barrel tile is offered exclusively by Zion Tile. This authentic tile is created from a very special grade of clay in Central America by skilled artisans. These beautiful and durable tiles are hand formed over wooden molds and fired in wood fired kilns. This age-old process produces an earthy charm in the range of four standard shades. (1. Terracotta, 2. Fire Flashed Terra Cotta, 3. Brown, and 4. Tan). Custom blends can be achieved by mixing these rich warm tones. Even with all the durability, handcrafting, choices of colors and the fifty-year limited warranty, these unique tiles are competitively priced.

Andalusa Tiles

Zion Tile offers our most economical authentic clay roof tile. Both simply and traditional in design this lightweight clay roof tile carries a 50-year limited warranty. Made in a modern computerized factory in Honduras from very fine raw clay materials. This terracotta clay roof tile may be your answer to escape the humdrum of asphalt shingles and tract home concrete roof tiles. Available exclusively in the natural warm clay terracotta tone these tiles may set you project apart form the crowd.

Super Nova Roofing Tiles

ARB-Super Nova is the latest innovation to our extensive product line. This high quality pressed clay roof tile is used to replicate the traditional two piece barrel tile pan and cover in one double interlocking tile. One tile when installed resembles four traditional, labor intensive, barrel tiles. The precision of this tile and the reduced pieces per square (only 95) expedites the installation process. With three natural colors of Terracotta, Rustic Red and Masia to choose from, your project will be crowned with this star. The ARB-Super Nova manufactured exclusively in Toledo, Spain and carries a 50-year limited warranty.

Mixta Arb Tectum

ARB-Tectum interlocking clay "S" tiles are often imitated. This is a very popular style manufactured in Portugal (Lusoceram Telhasol Sun Tile) and France (Lafarge, Coverland, GFC, and Lambert Tegusol also once marketed here in the U.S. by Supra-Dur).. In addition to new construction and re-roofs this tile may also be used for additions and repairs for the Telhasol and the Tegusol. This double interlocking clay "S" tile resembles a tapered mission tile installation with half the pieces and reduced labor. With the availability of seven natural and fired colors the possibilities are endless for your very own custom color blend. You may chose one color or any combination of the following colors: 1. Red, 2. Rustic Red , 3. Brown, 4. Masia, 5. Flamed Red, 6. Sand, or 7. Old-Looking Sand. The ARB-Tectum manufactured exclusively in Toledo, Spain has a 50-year limited warranty.

Glaze Tiles

ARB Ceramic Glazed tiles are all manufactured in Alicante, Spain. The three styles, 1. ARB-Meridional, 2. ARB-Alicantina, 3. ARB-Curva, are all offered in 20 standard glazed colors (some shown below). These tiles are all freeze thaw, mildew, fungus and wing resistant. Whether using the shocking vibrant colors or the more subdued rich mellow colors your distinctive project will enjoy the ARB 50-year limited warranty. These glazed tiles have been used all over the world on projects as diverse as Palaces to Pizza Parlos and Shopping Plazas to Single Family Homes. Please do not overlook the permanent possibilities with these gorgeous ceramic glazed roof tiles. A traditionally elegant custom home or an ultra modern contemporary office complex graced with ARB ceramic glazed roof tiles will be equally complimented.

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