Houston Johns Manville Roofing Systems

Houston Johns Manville Roofing

JM’s Roofing Systems business is a technology leader. Our product testing and development capabilities have allowed us to address client needs with the most comprehensive product line in the commercial/industrial roofing industry.

JM’s focus on research and development in Roofing Systems has traditionally emphasized reducing the costs and improving the productivity of our products for our clients. As a result, we have developed innovative technologies that meet stringent building and environmental standards with the use of fewer substrates. We have streamlined our production to offer cost effective, high-quality products with great value. While JM maintains its focus on these process-based technology innovations, we place a greater emphasis and investment on internal product development. Our broad array of roofing systems include the latest in roofing technologies.

Johns Manville’s unrivaled technical support organization ensures the highest quality products are available to address market needs, and focuses on the development of labor-saving processes for the people who install our roofing products.


JM develops innovative technologies in insulation products, packaging, installation processes and manufacturing controls to increase the performance of our clients’ end projects. The result is cost-effective solutions that make room climates more comfortable, airplanes and automobiles quieter, as well as more efficient insulation products that serve multiple needs, such as climate control and fire resistance.

In today’s market environment, product quality and performance have become increasingly important as builders are faced with more rigorous environmental, building codes and energy consumption concerns.

JM’s insulation business is also focused on technology innovations that drive improved productivity for the people who use our products. For example, in building insulation, we produce an encapsulated product, which is easier to handle and install compared with conventional fiber glass batts and rolls. In commercial insulation, we manufacture an unmatched breadth of products that range in size, width and benefits for a variety of applications. In OEM, we devote extensive resources to develop and test new technologies with our clients for the most advanced solutions in aerospace, automotive, appliance and HVAC insulations.

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