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Architectural Building Components is a Houston metal roofing and metal wall panel manufacturer.  Since Architectural Building Components foundation in 1988, their focus has been on reducing the number of lap joints and potential leaks in metal roofingsystems and the associated sheet metal trim.

Based in Houston, Texas, today Architectural Building Components offers more than twenty metal roofing panels and metal wall panels. Each one provides a beautiful, long-lasting solution for your metal wall, metal soffit, or metal roof design.

Why is Architectural Building Components a successful standing seam metal roofing manufacturer?

In almost 20 years of experience providing standing seam panels, lap seam metal roofing, metal wall and soffit panels, it seems that we have seen it all. Architectural Building Components has always responded to the challenges presented to them by their clients, the sheet metal roof and wall panel contractor.

  •   Lead Time – As steel sheet metal roofing and metal wall panels on new construction are commonly needed the same time they can be field-measured, it is critical that the metal roof manufacture be able to execute orders swiftly.

    Architectural Building Components average lead time has typically been a week for the past 10 years of manufacturing metal roofing systems.
  •   Continuous length standing seam panels – Since end laps have to be single greatest weather tightness issue to a standing seam metal roofing system, we created a method to manufacture continuous length standing seam panels directly onto the roof deck or purlins using Archzilla.

    They can manufacture metal roofing panels in up to 250’ lengths and address the thermal expansion issues associated with installing them.
  •   Long Trim – More than any one panel for metal roofing, sheet metal valleys and gutters typically carry significantly more water off the metal roofing system.  Yet, they continue to be installed in 10’ sections to this day.  Architectural Building Components produce sheet metal trim in lengths up to 32’.  No laps.  No leaks. No limits.

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