Sneaky Leaks

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Sneaky Leaks

“They’re digging in the wrong spot!” Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark

The phrase on our website caught her eye. “Specializing in hard-to-find leaks.” One of our favorite and most-loyal customers is a lady who called us because we are “leak specialists.”

When we first talked to this customer, she gave us the backstory of some chronic issues she had been having with roof leaks. To make the situation even more frustrating, she also told us about multiple roofing contactors that she hired to diagnose and repair the issue, but they never could. I was disappointed to hear that several of these contractors could not only find the problem, but offered the homeowner false promises of returning to repair the roof.

When Precision Roof Crafters took a look at her roof, we were able to identify a few leaks that had been causing problems, and also discovered a stucco issue that was contributing as well. The stucco problem was deceptive because the leak was not where you expected it to be without a trained eye and experience. It reminded me of that scene in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” when archeologist Indiana Jones realized that without the right tools and knowledge, his nemesis was doomed to dig in the wrong spot for the treasured ark!

We informed the homeowner of the stucco issue and advised her to have a contractor repair it before it caused any further damage. After having a few contractors take a look, they ultimately had to replace an entire stucco wall of their home. But they only had to do it once – as opposed to calling out repairmen on a hit-and-miss basis several times.

The homeowner was so thankful that we were able to not only repair the roof, but also identify the stucco issue that they (and many other roofers) were blind to. This was 14 years ago, and they have been loyal customers ever since. They have referred several of their friends to us as well, and we are just as grateful for them as they are for us.

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