Saturday in the Park

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detail-of-american-flag-11279635008nzaNHouston does July 4th big and loud. (It is Texas, after all.) There are plenty of outdoor activities, cookouts, swim parties, usually an Astro’s game if they’re in town or sandlot ball, and the fireworks starts before sundown and lasts well into the night. It’s a day to kick back and relax with family, friends and a cold drink.

However, Independence Day is a reminder that I live in the greatest country in the world to be an entrepreneur. Not only do we have the opportunity to open up our own business, but we also get the freedom to run our businesses as we see fit. Our independence allows us to be available to our customers 24/7, even on the holidays. While that may not always be our favorite time to work, our first priority is to provide people in our community the best service possible.

But more than just having to do with making our business services available to customers, the 4th of July is a time to reflect on the opportunities we are allowed as citizens. I am not only grateful to live in such a free and wonderful country, but also for the ability to be able to own and operated a business in it as well.

Have a safe and memorable Independence Day weekend. And if you need us, call us. We’re there for you.

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