Metal Roofing Now Makes a Top Choice in Roof Replacements

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Newly manufactured metal roofing materials have hit an all time high in technological advancement.

Houston Metal RoofingThe old corrugated tin roof made of tin panels that you can still buy today are definitely NOT what today’s metal roofs are made of. For one thing, they last 2 to 3 times longer than a regular asphalt roof, which is already years longer than the old tin roof that would dent and tear at the first sign of strong winds or hail storms.


Even asphalt roofs last a whopping 12 to 20 years. Imagine a roof that’s warranted for, “a lifetime”! There you have it in today’s Houston  metal roofing materials.


Metal roofs are currently manufactured to resemble other roofing structures such as asphalt shingles, cedar shake, slate, or even clay tile…the big difference? Stronger and WAY more durable. You wouldn’t believe the style options available to you today. You can match any style you want, especially the unique style existing of your home.


While wood, asphalt, and shake roofs will crack, warp, and tear, the metal roof won’t. The expansion and contraction of normal weather patterns won’t wear it down over time.


Plus, the metal roof saves enormous amounts of energy in your home. You can add even better protection with additional layers or insulation and sealing techniques.


One popular choice in metal roofing a few years ago was the raised seam metal roofing panels. This was actually similar to the old tin roof style. But advancements in technology have made the metal roof into all shapes, sizes, and colors. You can’t even recognize a metal roof sometimes.


Gone are the days when people confuse this roof system with the old tin barn roof. There’s simply no longer a comparison, especially when you can’t even tell it’s metal until you feel the material. You may think from the ground that a house has wood or asphalt or even high end slate or clay, but only the homeowner and roofer know what it’s really affordable metal roofing!


Some are concerned that the metal roof is too heavy for certain types of homes, but on average, the material is about half as heavy of an asphalt shingle roof and is 75% lighter than concrete tile, fiber cement shakes, and slate.


If you opt for this type of roof, you’re getting a roof that can stand up to just about anything nature can throw at it. It has a 140 mph wind rating, meaning it can withstand hurricane force winds.


The most dangerous thing about hurricane force winds are the wind gusts. When wind gusts, it’s in a powerful form that threatens everything in its path. Sustained winds or frequent gusts of 74 mph or greater are common. If your roof is rated for 140, there is plenty of wiggle room for those higher force wind gusts.


And that finally leaves cost. Which would you rather do, pay for a new roof every 15 to 20 years or only once a lifetime? Well, the great thing is that a metal roof isn’t as expensive as you think in the first place. Quality roofs mean more expense, but you also get plenty of leeway and other ways to make some or most of the difference back.


For instance, the better you home is protected from damage, the lower your hazard insurance will probably be. That right there is a good savings. Also, for installation costs you can often get discounts or credits on your taxes. The energy savings you will achieve will be significant since most of the hot air travels through the roof structure.


All around, there’s no longer a reason to hesitate when it comes to having a metal roof as a viable and good option for your new roof.

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