The Melting Pot of Houston

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fetch-UID-H-Town, Magnolia City or the Bayou City. No matter what nickname you have for Houston, you must agree, that this town has its own unique “vibe.”

Everyone thinks of Austin as the ‘weird’ city in Texas, but Houston is also very different in it’s own way. One of the things I love the most about this city is the diversity of the people that live here and visit here. It really is a melting pot – (and not just because of the high temperatures), and I have noticed that there are truly people from all over the world that find their way here for one reason or another.

One aspect of my job that I love most is that I get to meet new homeowners all the time, and listen to their stories. One gentleman who we did some work for was packing for a business trip out of town while we were at his home. I noticed that he was packing firearms in his bags, and we got to talking about them.

It turns out that he is a Guatemalan business man, who often travels back and forth from Guatemala and Houston. He said that Guatemala could be dangerous, and for that reason he always stayed armed when traveling or staying there.

The saying goes, “It takes all kinds to make a world.” That’s true even in slightly smaller surroundings, even if that arena is the fourth largest city in the nation. This is just one example of the diverse people and stories that I encounter here in Houston.

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