Staying On Top Of The Health Of Your Roof

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Healthy RoofIn our last post, we discussed people who attempt to make their own roof repairs, and the trouble that it could lead to. This doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t some actions you can take to help ensure your roof gets the TLC it deserves.

The best advice that I can give a homeowner, in this aspect, is to implement an annual roof inspection. Climb that ladder and take a look around. Precision Roof Crafters provides a list of items to review and look for. Sounds simple enough right? Believe it or not, by doing an annual roof inspection you could add 4-5 years of life to your roof.

Another DIY tip that we offer homeowners is to trim their trees (within 5-6 ft. from the roof). Debris on roofs creates areas that gather moisture, and moisture breaks down asphalt in the shingles. For this same reason, we encourage folks to keep their gutters clean, and also to ensure that pipes and plumbing vents are clear.

After storms, homeowners should look for roofing debris in the yard and again do a visual roof inspection. It is also important to do walkthroughs in your home to look for water spots on walls or ceilings that may indicate new leaks.

If you spot something, remember, trying to locate the leak yourself or patching it on your own might cause more trouble over time. Your best bet is to call in a professional roofing company.

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