Separating the “Fly-By-Nights” from The Rooftop Rangers

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roofing-contractor-houstonThere’s an insurance company whose slogan is to put you in “good hands.” As a company that cares about quality, we want your roof in good hands! That’s why, when it comes to selecting a roofer, we want you to shop around, so you can feel good about your choice! After all, your roof is arguably one of the most important aspects of your home. Sure, it’s one of the most visible parts of your home’s exterior, but more than that, it shields your family from the elements! When it is doing its job, everything’s good. But a damaged roof can lead to further damage and unwanted exposure to the weather.

If you’re looking around because you need a quick repair, see to that repair as quickly as possible. But the best time to select a roofer is when you have the time to choose wisely. And to help you sort out the professionals from the fly-by-night guys, we’d like to devote the next couple of blogs to the Most Common Mistakes We’ve Seen Up Top.

  • 1. Covering Old Shingles Rather Than Replacing Them – Low quality companies excel at cutting corners. And a good way to accomplish that so they can rake in more profits is to save on shingles. The proper way to replace a portion or all of a roof is to remove all of the old shingles and replace them with new ones, particularly if the shingles were damaged. Nailing new shingles on top of old shingles just adds to the places for moisture and dirt to collect. And where’s there’s dirt and moisture, deterioration follows. Always make sure that your roofing contractor has removed all old roofing materials before installing your new roof.
  • 2. Improper Moisture Protection – Along those same lines, while shingles do deflect and divert water off of your roof, what’s underneath those shingles is vital to the effectiveness of your roof! Make sure a proper moisture barrier is installed underneath. This will not only protect your decking from rain, but from collecting moisture.
  • 3. Reusing Old Flashing – Chimneys, skylights and roof valleys are surrounded by metal called “flashing.” This material helps to stop moisture from seeping into your home at these vulnerable spots. such as chimneys, skylights and roof valleys. Ol’ “Chuck in a Truck” may cut some corners by reusing old flashing. That could spell trouble down the line. Head it off by asking outright about his plan for replacing the flashing on your roof. Make sure that your old flashing is replaced with new flashing.
  • 4. Incorrect Fastener Length – Homes shift and breathe according to heat and cold. And whenever nails that are too short are used to fasten your shingles, that especially loosens the shingles and they start to shift more than the San Andreas Fault. Make sure your roofer is using the proper nail length that go well into the decking really securing those shingles.
  • 5. Incorrect Nail Placement – Where the nails get, well, nailed is also important. Improperly placed, nails can cause some very serious structural issues. Instead of leaving the nail heads exposed to damaging sun, wind and moisture, all nails should be placed underneath the top layer of shingles. Nailing the shingles down through the decking will cause the nails to corrode, and as the roof shifts around, this leaves holes in the shingles. Not good!

More on common roofing mistakes and what to look for in a quality roofing company next time. In the meantime, if you do need quick roof repairs, or you want an inspection following all this rain we’ve had, give us a call. We’ll send a Rooftop Ranger right over.

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