“Opa!” The Call of Greece

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I got a cruise brochure in the mail the other day, and you would have though someone had given me a ticket to fantasyland! The destination I found myself staring at the longest and really immersing myself into the photo were the pristine waters and ancient ruins of Greece.

Yes, if time or money were no object, I would love to treat my entire team to a Greek island getaway. We have all seen pictures of the deep sapphire waters and matching blue roofs on beautifully stacked white buildings that cling to the cliffs on these islands. But have you experienced it firsthand? The location seems to be a thrill for all the senses: great food, astounding scenery, and lively music combine to make it a fascinating destination.

I couldn’t think of a better place to bond with my Rooftop Rangers and the rest of the Precision Roof Crafters family. And I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but so many people live on the Greek islands and never leave them! They remain the happiest and most upbeat people by staying in one place. I know that in my everyday life, I sometimes get an urge to take a vacation, or a short getaway, even if it just to another city in Texas for the weekend, so this speaks volumes.

I want my team to get in on the same happiness that these islanders experience, even if just for a few days or a week. Perhaps we would enjoy some sun, splash around in the water, take a tour of ancient ruins, ride bikes, race boats or watch the famed cliff divers. After the sun sets beyond the Saronic Gulf, we would indulge in some delicious Greek food. A few sips of ouzo, a few shouts of “Opa!!”, and let the dancing commence!

I know that it would be one memorable trip for everyone. Is it impossible? I probably wouldn’t spend so much time dreaming about it if it was unreachable. But we have some work to do between now and then. So, in the meantime, back to reality.

Εις το επανιδείν! (See you later!)

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