No Griswalds, Please!

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Once we get past Thanksgiving, the holidays really start to shine, don’t they? Homeowners love to dress their Christmas castles and shrubs with multi-colored lights and decorations! But a word of caution to all of you “would-be Griswalds” out there who want to staple lights to every square inch of roof space: it’s smart to limit foot traffic when you’re up on the housetop!
Often what seems like an easy job can take a on a different (i.e. dangerous) point of view once you’re up top. Besides battling vertigo, keep in mind that regular foot traffic can lead to a leak, since shingles may split and flashing may crack under pressure.
Alright, I don’t want to come off as some old Scrooge, so just a word of caution: if you must be on the roof (and I’m lookin’ at you, Santa Claus), avoid stepping on shingles that appear to be compromised, whether they’re warped, cracked or curling. Another danger is treading on roof tiles or tile cement. Not only can they be extra slippery, but those materials are often easily damaged under weight.
Okay, so we’ll keep it brief this week. We all have much to do and you probably feel the holidays looming over you as well!

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving, and remember, Precision Roof Crafters’ team of professionals is as close as a phone call or a few clicks away on the web.

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