If It’s Good Enough to Protect the Alamo…

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Alamo front

If you want proof that one of the best recent innovations in the roofing world is a smart buy, ask yourself this; if it’s good enough to protect the Alamo, is it good enough for my home? Roof coat systems are gaining popularity throughout our industry and institutions such as Texas’s most famous historical site and many HEB grocery store sites have started trusting the technology to protect the integrity of their old tar or gravel roofs from the elements.

Roof coatings do just what their name implies, by sealing a mostly flat surface and allowing water to naturally run off instead of flowing into cracks and various nooks and crannies that wind up weakening the structure over time. They’re particularly useful for buildings with balconies and patios – and we all know new construction in Houston features a lot of those construction elements – and can help reduce issues with poorly constructed roofing jobs.

When using a roof coat system it’s key to have properly trained professionals on the job, since the application process is often tricky and it takes a trained eye to know when a roof coat system does or doesn’t make sense to install. At Precision Roof Crafters our roofing team is trained through a three-day course in roof coat systems, so we are able to competently and confidently determine how to treat your flat roof or patio and take advantage of the 15 year window of protection that comes with a proper installation.

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