El Nino Could Spell “Trouble” In Any Language

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You already may know that semi-annual roof checkups can prevent costly damage down the road. In addition to regular exterior inspections, there are several other ways to safeguard against leaks this winter season.

Roof leaks can cause severe damage to your home – not just outside, but inside as well! Leaks can cause warping, buckling and breakdown of the underlayment of your roofing system. Not only that, but if your leak becomes an interior problem, you may need to repair or replace insulation, drywall, floor coverings or possibly even furniture!

So what can a homeowner do to nip little problems in the bud? Start with an Attic Inspection!

                                                 Now’s the Time!

Go beyond your roof’s exterior and inspect your attic annually—and especially before winter sets in. If you inspect it on a rainy fall day, you’ll be able to see leaky areas firsthand. A fall attic ventilation inspection will help prevent bigger problems over the winter and it should be an important part of your fall roofing maintenance. If it’s dry outside when you inspect, look for other telltale signs of leaks such as:

  • Mold or mildew around the vents, joints and seams
  • Warped wood
  • Stained insulation

Leaves are falling and blowing into your gutters from all directions, even if you don’t have a forest of trees in your yard! Make sure you use this time of year to maintain your gutters, clean out the gunk and be certain that rainwater drains properly.

The National Weather Service predicts this year’s “El Nino” means we’re in for a chilly and rainy winter this year for the Houston area. Don’t let leaks and loose shingles “dampen” your holidays or winter season.

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