Conquering Critter Creep … Continued

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In our last blog, we talked about identifying whether you had some unwanted houseguests move in over the winter. Here are other signs of pests inhabiting your home:

    • Animal Droppings: If an animal is living in your attic, you will usually see evidence of their feces. This is a health hazard that carries germs and potentially, disease into your home. It’s important to get the feces removed properly and quickly. Call a company that specializes in it and has the proper equipment and protective gear for removal.
    • Hearing Noises: If you hear sounds of rustling and scampering in the attic, you may have something camping out up there. Contact a pest control company to set the proper traps.
    • Chewed Cords, Wires, Wood: If you see bite marks on the wooden eaves or on the protected coating on wiring in your attic, that’s another sign of critters who have made themselves at home.

Once They’re Gone…Then What?
Once you or a qualified company have identified and removed the pests from your home, it’s vital to address how they got in and close those, er… loopholes so that other animals don’t find a welcome mat! Here are some tips to help your roof and attic remain critter-free:

    • Visually inspect your roof every 6 months
    • Patch any holes noted in your roof
    • Put protective barrier screens on roof vents to prevent entry
    • Trim branches on trees close to your roof to prevent easy access to your roof for animals
    • Be aware that animals find fruit and nut trees particularly tempting. If fruit or nuts fall onto your roof, that will encourage animals to nest nearby – even in your attic.

Remember, if you notice any damage to your roof due to animal, vegetable or mineral (like…meteorites, bullets. It is Texas, after all.) schedule an appointment by phone or click the link on our home page. We’ll be glad to provide a roof assessment.

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