Why the client’s point of view is all that matters, and how we get it

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Clients Point of View Precision Roof CraftersSilence is deadly. That’s not exactly a mantra here at Precision Roof Crafters, but it’s how serious we are when it comes to checking back with our clients and finding out their thoughts on the service we provided for their roofing needs. That’s why we include a client satisfaction survey on all of our job orders and encourage clients to take a few minutes and tell us honestly whether we measured up to their expectations and what can we do better. It’s a 12-question survey that covers things like whether we communicated properly on the progress of the job to how our roofing technicians performed on site to whether our office staff properly answered the questions they had. Knowing how we’re performing through surveys – on average we get about a 70 percent response rate – and through monitoring online feedback sites like Angie’s List, is important for us so we can deliver superior service every time.

Unfortunately the home services industry as a whole has given itself something of a black eye when it comes to how customers are taken care of, which common sense should tell you is the first thing you should care about doing. To do that, we make it a priority to regularly communicate with the property owner about the status of the job, the schedule and what they can expect. We try to be the complete opposite of the old cable TV guy scenario where they give you a 4-hour window and you wind up sitting and waiting for an entire day. No one comes away from that situation feeling happy or satisfied. That’s why we try to have a 100 percent on-time record, and make it a point to let the owners know if something happens to alter the schedule in any way. We also provide them with photos to show the before, during and final progress on the job so they don’t have to climb up a tall ladder to see how things are going. It’s steps like these that we think will create peace of mind and confidence for the client, and the feedback we get on all of our work helps us keep finding ways to get better.

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