The Melting Pot of Houston

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H-Town, Magnolia City or the Bayou City. No matter what nickname you have for Houston, you must agree, that this town has its own unique “vibe.” Everyone thinks of Austin as the ‘weird’ city in Texas, but Houston is also very different in it’s own way. One of the things I love the most about […]

Sneaky Leaks

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“They’re digging in the wrong spot!” Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark The phrase on our website caught her eye. “Specializing in hard-to-find leaks.” One of our favorite and most-loyal customers is a lady who called us because we are “leak specialists.” When we first talked to this customer, she gave us the backstory […]

Saturday in the Park

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Houston does July 4th big and loud. (It is Texas, after all.) There are plenty of outdoor activities, cookouts, swim parties, usually an Astro’s game if they’re in town or sandlot ball, and the fireworks starts before sundown and lasts well into the night. It’s a day to kick back and relax with family, friends […]

Metal Roofing Now Makes a Top Choice in Roof Replacements

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Newly manufactured metal roofing materials have hit an all time high in technological advancement. The old corrugated tin roof made of tin panels that you can still buy today are definitely NOT what today’s metal roofs are made of. For one thing, they last 2 to 3 times longer than a regular asphalt roof, which […]

Why Every Houston Gutter System Needs Gutter Guards

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Houston gutters are one of the most important parts of a roofing system. Without it, roofs would be unable to channel rainwater efficiently and it might cause the entire rooftop to deteriorate due to the amount of water it has to redirect. Yet sometimes, the gutter system isn’t quite enough to handle the problem.  Solid […]

Different Sugarland Roofing Types

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There are many different types of roofing, from roofs that are flat, roofs that are pitched, shell roofing, gabled, cross and gabled, pyramid-shaped, hipped, cross and hipped, bonnet-type, shed, mansard-style, the gambrel kind, etc. All these and more are examples of Sugarland roofing types. The roof is the uppermost part of a house or a […]

What Happens When a Katy Roof Doesn’t Have Proper Ventilation?

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One of the most important aspects of the way your  roof is designed and built is proper ventilation. You simply cannot over-estimate its importance. What happens when a roof doesn’t have proper ventilation? Improper ventilation allows formation of condensation, moisture accumulation, and damage to the roof deck and, eventually, to the stability of the roof. […]

Choosing a Professional Roofing Contractor for Galveston Roof Replacement

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Time will surely come that we need a new roof for our homes. Extreme weather conditions could be very intense, and our roofs are openly exposed to these dangers. When it comes to Galveston roof replacement, it is crucial to select a professional contractor with long years of experience and skills to complete the task properly. […]

Some Important Considerations for Your Cypress Roof Replacement

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Before Cypress Roof Replacement happens, it is necessary for a homeowners living in areas prone to hurricanes and other weather disturbances in the United States to choose a superb contractor and durable construction materials. A typical contractor’s grade shingle is asphalt that has a flat shape with a two decade warranty. This variation can last […]

Roofing Terms for Houston Homeowners

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Nobody expects Houston homeowners to be proficient in the different  terms  used in the roofing industry, but by learning a few key terms homeowners can save time, hassle and money. By knowing the correct terminology, you can communicate more clearly with your Houston roofing contractor, describe things precisely and be sure that you are purchasing the […]

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