Why Every Houston Gutter System Needs Gutter Guards

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Houston Gutter System Needs Gutter GuardsHouston gutters are one of the most important parts of a roofing system. Without it, roofs would be unable to channel rainwater efficiently and it might cause the entire rooftop to deteriorate due to the amount of water it has to redirect. Yet sometimes, the gutter system isn’t quite enough to handle the problem.  Solid debris can easily clog and damage even the most durable pieces of rain gutters. Fortunately though, these setbacks can easily be averted by using gutter guards. These pieces can help protect roof channels and make them a lot easier to clean and maintain. This is especially helpful in seasons such as autumn and winter when rooftops are frequently exposed not just with rainwater and snow, but also with random amount of solid rubble as well.

Rainwater is not the only hazard gutters have to face during the rainy autumn season. Sometimes, small pieces of leaves, dirt and other debris tend to collect on the channels, effectively clogging the gutter and causing extensive damage to the pipe lines. Not to mention that the accumulated rainwater along the troughs, when left unchecked, may become a breeding ground for pests like mosquitoes. So good quality gutter guards is always in order;  they protect the gutter lines against potentially damaging rubbles and enable water to flow more smoothly along the trough. Still though, it requires periodic maintenance and should be cleaned regularly, much like the gutter system itself, so it can accomplish its task.

And just like the gutter, there are several types of gutter guards available on the market today. These include the micro mesh, a net-like filtering system that shields the pipelines against solid debris allowing rainwater to flow smoothly in through the channels, a “reverse curve” type that can cover most of the trough and protects it from larger clogging materials, there’s even a brush type and a “foam” type that can absorb or “clean” the pipelines better, yet they require much more maintenance than the more commonly used gutter guards. The most recently introduced type of gutter guards however is the tape-on which can easily be removed and applied and more affordable to maintain. Plus it can be used on almost any kind of gutter system today.

While the importance of a good Houston gutter guard isn’t that much appreciated in public eyes at present, its contribution to any Houston home is very substantial. Seasonal changes every year are inevitable, so it always pays to add a little protection to any Houston residence.

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