Keep termites, roaches and other roof pests away with these maintenance strategies

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You’d be surprised by what kind of wildlife we tend to see when we send a Precision Roof Crafters crew out to a home or business property for a repair or inspection. And that’s not just what’s living in the trees around the roofline – the simple fact is that a neglected roof and gutter […]

From restaurants to roofs; an unexpected journey to business success

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I’ve been in the roofing business so long – it’s our 20th anniversary here at Precision Roof Crafters – that sometimes it’s hard to believe how I found my way into the home services industry in the first place. Because earlier in my life getting people up on the top of homes was about the […]

The Melting Pot of Houston

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H-Town, Magnolia City or the Bayou City. No matter what nickname you have for Houston, you must agree, that this town has its own unique “vibe.” Everyone thinks of Austin as the ‘weird’ city in Texas, but Houston is also very different in it’s own way. One of the things I love the most about […]

Sneaky Leaks

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“They’re digging in the wrong spot!” Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark The phrase on our website caught her eye. “Specializing in hard-to-find leaks.” One of our favorite and most-loyal customers is a lady who called us because we are “leak specialists.” When we first talked to this customer, she gave us the backstory […]

Saturday in the Park

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Houston does July 4th big and loud. (It is Texas, after all.) There are plenty of outdoor activities, cookouts, swim parties, usually an Astro’s game if they’re in town or sandlot ball, and the fireworks starts before sundown and lasts well into the night. It’s a day to kick back and relax with family, friends […]

Metal Roofing Now Makes a Top Choice in Roof Replacements

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Newly manufactured metal roofing materials have hit an all time high in technological advancement. The old corrugated tin roof made of tin panels that you can still buy today are definitely NOT what today’s metal roofs are made of. For one thing, they last 2 to 3 times longer than a regular asphalt roof, which […]

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