El Nino Could Spell “Trouble” In Any Language

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You already may know that semi-annual roof checkups can prevent costly damage down the road. In addition to regular exterior inspections, there are several other ways to safeguard against leaks this winter season. Roof leaks can cause severe damage to your home – not just outside, but inside as well! Leaks can cause warping, buckling […]

Caring for Your Clear Lake Roofing

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One of the most important things you can do, as a homeowner, is take care of finding the right professional to work with for all of your service needs. Of course, in between having a professional out to service your rooftop, you can take some precautionary steps to ensure that your roof stays in good […]

Separating the “Fly-By-Nights” from The Rooftop Rangers – Part 2

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When last we left our blog, we wanted to share with you Common Mistakes We See in the Roofing Business. These are what separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. But with the chaff, sometimes the customer gets the shaft! There’s nothing better than being well informed, so here’s more of what to […]

Separating the “Fly-By-Nights” from The Rooftop Rangers

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There’s an insurance company whose slogan is to put you in “good hands.” As a company that cares about quality, we want your roof in good hands! That’s why, when it comes to selecting a roofer, we want you to shop around, so you can feel good about your choice! After all, your roof is […]

Best Roof For Keeping Your Cool

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Here’s something to consider: when you’re trying to keep a home cool, most folks think of air conditioning as the first line of defense. But the real first line against heat is your roof! And a hot day in the life of a good roof should include releasing — not storing and absorbing — the […]

Precision Roof Crafters: Need To Vent? So Does Your Roof!

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Hot enough for you? The Houston area is seeing another scorcher, to be sure. And when you see your energy bills, you might need to let off a little steam, too! Perhaps the problem goes beyond your HVAC system. Maybe you should be “looking up!” Perhaps the answer isn’t insulation but ventilation! Attic ventilation might […]

Staying On Top Of The Health Of Your Roof

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In our last post, we discussed people who attempt to make their own roof repairs, and the trouble that it could lead to. This doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t some actions you can take to help ensure your roof gets the TLC it deserves. The best advice that I can give a homeowner, in […]

Who’s On YOUR Roof?

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As with any industry, there are often misconceptions about the roofing industry. One of the biggest misconceptions that people have regards protection. Not protection as in new shingles, but protection about the quality of work that you are receiving and who is providing it. Many people believe that roofing companies are required to be licensed […]

As Seen On TV

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Thanks, misleading infomercials! Yes, thanks to you, we have to set the record straight about a misconception we’re seeing more and more when it comes to Do It Yourself Roof Repair. You want your roof fixed? Easy peasy. Step One: Do not attempt to fix it on your own. Do not pass “Go,” and do […]

Different Sugarland Roofing Types

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There are many different types of roofing, from roofs that are flat, roofs that are pitched, shell roofing, gabled, cross and gabled, pyramid-shaped, hipped, cross and hipped, bonnet-type, shed, mansard-style, the gambrel kind, etc. All these and more are examples of Sugarland roofing types. The roof is the uppermost part of a house or a […]

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