“Good Enough” Is Never Good Enough…

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“Good enough” is never good enough. In the world of home repair, and roofing especially, there’s too often a practice of “Just get the job done. It’s good enough” so that a contractor can hurry up and move to the next job. At Precision Roof Crafters we couldn’t disagree more, which is why we view […]

Keep Your Mind In The Middle of Success

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When Houston Rodeo time rolls around, many of us have a new appreciation for those able to stay on a wild bucking bronco through all sorts of turmoil. There’s a scene early in the John Wayne movie The Cowboys. In the scene, the young men are trying to qualify for being cowhands on a cattle […]

Conquering Critter Creep … Continued

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In our last blog, we talked about identifying whether you had some unwanted houseguests move in over the winter. Here are other signs of pests inhabiting your home: Animal Droppings: If an animal is living in your attic, you will usually see evidence of their feces. This is a health hazard that carries germs and […]

Are There Doors In Your Roof ?

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Squirrels or raccoons using your roof as a thoroughfare seems harmless. But do you know where they’re bedding down? One of the most common calls we get, particularly during winter, is report of pests such as bugs or mice, when it is easily noticed. But how often do you check your attic or roof for […]

A Sweet Idea For Rooftops

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we thought this blog might tell you about a sweet secret that some famous buildings have on their rooftops: honey. Well, more precisely, honeybees! That’s right! High above the frenetic traffic and flashing lights, some of the world’s busiest cities are buzzing in the different way. Urban beekeeping is […]


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Winters in Houston can be cold for a few days here and there, but for the most part, we’re blessed by mild weather. Unfortunately, any property is still subject to deterioration, even without the presence of extreme weather. This process is called “weathering.” Issues caused by weathering can accelerate to other problems, including the following: […]

Happy Holidays from Precision Roof Crafters

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As we step into a brand new year, I’ve been reflecting on what a great time the holiday season is every year here at Precision Roof Crafters. We have such a mixed group of people here, and everybody really brings their own uniqueness to the table. And I think that’s what makes our company such […]

“I’ll Be Home For Christmas”

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“I’ll Be Home For Christmas”, “Celebrate Me Home”, “There’s No Place Like Home for The Holidays” are songs that are proof positive that when it comes to the holidays, everyone’s thoughts turn to home. Maybe it’s the house where you spent your childhood Christmas, the house you shared with college chums with that fake tree […]

“Opa!” The Call of Greece

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I got a cruise brochure in the mail the other day, and you would have though someone had given me a ticket to fantasyland! The destination I found myself staring at the longest and really immersing myself into the photo were the pristine waters and ancient ruins of Greece. Yes, if time or money were […]

No Griswalds, Please!

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Once we get past Thanksgiving, the holidays really start to shine, don’t they? Homeowners love to dress their Christmas castles and shrubs with multi-colored lights and decorations! But a word of caution to all of you “would-be Griswalds” out there who want to staple lights to every square inch of roof space: it’s smart to […]

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