3 Tips To Protect Your Roof From Summer Storms

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With summer finally here, it’s the time of year that many homeowners are looking to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and all of the various fun and activities that summer brings with it. Unfortunately, with the arrival of summer, we also have the arrival of hurricane season, and all of the tumultuous weather that […]


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It’s not even officially Spring and Houston has already seen damaging storms, heavy rains, and even tornadoes so far this year! This weather can really take its toll on an older roof – or a roof that just wasn’t properly installed. Here are some tips to help you determine if a new roof (or at […]

Our very long inspection checklist keeps your roof in top shape

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One of the most important and valuable services we provide at Precision Roof Crafters is the comprehensive 22-point inspection and evaluation of a property’s roof system. Performing that check of all the vital components of the roof will tell us if there are any hidden or lingering problems that could turn into bigger expensive flare […]

What to know when considering adding a skylight to your home

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One of the most undeniable trends in home ownership over the last decade or so has been the demand by buyers to have a lot of natural light present inside their home. And along with having the long side of a house facing south with lots of windows to take advantage of the sun’s placement, […]

Before the call, do some roof detective work to solve a leak

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Noticing a water stain or a leak on a ceiling then suddenly your house can seem like a crime scene that has to be picked apart and solved, so you can find the source of the leak and determine what kind of damage has been done. Here at Precision Roof Crafters we don’t recommend that […]

Why clips have clipped the amount of roof damage from holiday decorations

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  Over the years we see the kind of calls we get on homes and commercial properties change as roofing technology and practices evolve to improve maintenance and decrease wear and tear. One definite trend we’ve noticed here at Precision Roof Crafters has been a decrease in the amount of calls for problems related to […]

Why the client’s point of view is all that matters, and how we get it

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Silence is deadly. That’s not exactly a mantra here at Precision Roof Crafters, but it’s how serious we are when it comes to checking back with our clients and finding out their thoughts on the service we provided for their roofing needs. That’s why we include a client satisfaction survey on all of our job […]

Lessons we learn from our favorite Houston businesses

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Small business owners can recognize pretty quickly when a fellow entrepreneur is doing what it takes to stand apart from the competition, and when you’re in the home services game – whether it’s roofing, plumbing, air conditioning or electrical – you get to know who the best of the best are. One Houston-area business I […]

Rooftop Ranger Pedro

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To be a great business you’ve got to have exceptional people who see their job as more than just a job, but as a serious craft. At Precision Roof Crafters we’re fortunate to have one of the best roofers in the Houston area in our ranks in the form of Pedro Bustos, who has more […]

If It’s Good Enough to Protect the Alamo…

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If you want proof that one of the best recent innovations in the roofing world is a smart buy, ask yourself this; if it’s good enough to protect the Alamo, is it good enough for my home? Roof coat systems are gaining popularity throughout our industry and institutions such as Texas’s most famous historical site […]

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