Solar future on your roof is bright, but here’s what you need to know

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One of the hottest (pun intended) topics out there in the roofing world these days is solar power, and specifically, whether solar panel systems are a safe and smart addition to your home or property. Talk of renewable energy in general has been growing over the past decade or so, but there’s been a real […]

Our Values Help Ensure The Attention To A Roof You’re Happy With

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When you’re running a business there are certain absolutes you have to live by and never waver from. Every business should have a mission statement and a corresponding set of company values that are clearly visible and part of the basic training of all team members. Doing that makes sure everyone is working in concert […]

Thank You’s are welcome, but hardly expected for roofers

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We always make a point of going the extra mile here at Precision Roof Crafters so that there’s no chance that our customers will be unsatisfied when our crew cleans up and departs from a finished job. We do that in part because we guarantee that you’ll be pleased with the job we do and […]

Fall means maintenance for owners, and new hires for Precision Roof Crafters

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Fall’s arrival doesn’t cause a lot of weather-related grief for us here in Texas like it does for folks who live up north and have Old Man Winter’s chills headed their way, but there are still some things that property owners need to take care of when the seasons change. For roof systems that means […]

How we wrestled with success, using our entire team’s strength

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Would you believe that one of the things that helped Precision Roof Crafters keep our team happy and find success as a company early on was a wrestling ring? That’s not quite right since we never went as far as installing a full fledged wrestling ring – though we certainly considered it – but bouts […]

When hobbies and vacation come calling, it’s “Do Not Disturb” time

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When it’s time to unplug from the working world, I’m all the way gone where no phone can reach me. Some businessmen and entrepreneurs will build a couple of “getaway” hours into their week, and use them to slip away from the workplace to enjoy a couple rounds of golf or get out to a […]

Lessons we learn from our favorite Houston businesses

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Small business owners can recognize pretty quickly when a fellow entrepreneur is doing what it takes to stand apart from the competition, and when you’re in the home services game – whether it’s roofing, plumbing, air conditioning or electrical – you get to know who the best of the best are. One Houston-area business I […]

My First Dollar Earned…

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There are lots of “firsts” for a young child that make an impression on the rest of their lives. It can be the first time taking a snap from under center that leads you to become an all-county quarterback, or a first grade school science fair experiment that steers a boy or a girl to […]

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