Thank You’s are welcome, but hardly expected for roofers

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happycrowd-3-1We always make a point of going the extra mile here at Precision Roof Crafters so that there’s no chance that our customers will be unsatisfied when our crew cleans up and departs from a finished job. We do that in part because we guarantee that you’ll be pleased with the job we do and if you’re not we won’t get paid until you are, but also because the customer’s needs have to be the first thing anyone in your company is concerned about.

Placing that value on client happiness pays some unexpected dividends on occasion when we get enthusiastic compliments about how our Houston Roofing Contractor technicians handled themselves on the job. It’s not at all uncommon for customers to check back in with us and single out one of our Roofing Specialists for how professional they are, or the Client Care Representatives that answer our phones that callers talk to and get help with on their project. There are also the times when someone will write out a page and a half letter going on and on about how impressed they are with how we handled their job, or the way we interacted with their insurance company to get a claim processed without a lot of hassle and arguing. Those kinds of displays aren’t uncommon but they’re always a nice surprise and it never gets old because like all people we do have those moments where we’ve not been at our best and things could have gone better. When you get in those situations – whether it’s because of things like weather that’s out of your hands or because of people factors – you will find yourself bending over backwards and doing whatever it takes to try to find a way to satisfy what had been an unhappy customer. We do that not so we’ll get a thank-you note, but because happy customers are all that matter in any business.

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