How we wrestled with success, using our entire team’s strength

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wrestlersWould you believe that one of the things that helped Precision Roof Crafters keep our team happy and find success as a company early on was a wrestling ring? That’s not quite right since we never went as far as installing a full fledged wrestling ring – though we certainly considered it – but bouts of wrestling between our team helped work off stress and build teamwork for many years when all of us were younger and a smaller company.

It all began because one of our founding partners was taller and younger than I am, and it was a fun thing for him to challenge the older guy. Boys being boys, other team members wanted in on the action and challenges eventually became a regular thing in the weight room we had constructed at our offices. We thought hard about taking part of that weight room and dedicating it for a wrestling area, but we decided against it even though wrestling was a great way to relieve stress from the job and have some fun.

Wrestling went away as all got older and right now we don’t have anything quite as structured and regular going on when it comes to company traditions, though having some kind of bonding activity is something I’d like to bring back into practice. Those kind of things help you laugh at yourself and realize that you can’t be serious all the time even though we’re all very dedicated to doing what’s best for our clients whenever we’re working. Even little things you do like bringing lunch for the whole staff, or bringing in a grill and letting everyone relax a bit for the second half of a day can help to break the stress cycles that happen when things start to pile up on you.

So even though I won’t be trying to pin any of the manager’s shoulders to the ground anytime soon, I’m always looking for something new and fun that can help my people take a break and come together so we can work hard as a complete team.

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