Our Values Help Ensure The Attention To A Roof You’re Happy With

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core-values-4When you’re running a business there are certain absolutes you have to live by and never waver from. Every business should have a mission statement and a corresponding set of company values that are clearly visible and part of the basic training of all team members. Doing that makes sure everyone is working in concert and our team isn’t sending mixed messages to clients and vendors from one phone call to the next. That’s key when it comes to building trust with our clients, new and existing.

Here at Precision Roof Crafters we have a practice of not giving free estimates on jobs because we put a lot of value in being able to properly diagnose what needs to be done to repair and improve a roof system. Giving free estimates devalues the training and experience of our Houston roofing team members. By having a transaction take place that leads to a diagnosis, both the client and the team have high expectations of the work that’s going to go into that estimate. Too many companies that do free estimates go out there guessing and saying whatever they feel is going to get them the business. A proper diagnosis of the cause of the roof system failure is not made which results in an improper solution recommendation and repair. We saw the result of that with a new client that had spent $50,000 on their tile roof repairs, but as soon as we looked at what someone else had done you could see things that had been done incorrectly and were only delaying a bigger issue. The sad thing is that in situations like that you can’t guarantee that other issues won’t come up because the right maintenance simply hadn’t been performed. We invest heavily in training our Specialist and Technicians in the art of diagnosing and repairing roofs. We understand that every time our phone rings or we get an online service request, the person on the other end is reaching out to and expecting a professional service company that knows their business. That’s who we are. We love what we do. It’s not uncommon for us to get called back months later to come out because someone’s free guesswork didn’t fix their problem.

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