When hobbies and vacation come calling, it’s “Do Not Disturb” time

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Do Not DisturbWhen it’s time to unplug from the working world, I’m all the way gone where no phone can reach me.

Some businessmen and entrepreneurs will build a couple of “getaway” hours into their week, and use them to slip away from the workplace to enjoy a couple rounds of golf or get out to a sporting event with a client.

That may work for them but my way has always been to take an entire day or weeks to pursue my love of traveling or hobbies like sailing or skydiving. I’ve found that removing myself completely from the business and using that time to recharge helps make me a better family man and business owner when it counts.

My family goes on at least one international trip every year and I’ve found that once I’m on that plane I can shut down completely and disconnect from everything. I enjoy that feeling so much that I joke I hope the airlines never decide to allow wireless mobile devices to be used, because then I’ll be connected to everything again.

It took me a long time to learn and appreciate the value of getting away from the professional life every so often, and when I was young I was so passionate about my career in the restaurant world that I didn’t take my first vacation until I was in my mid-20’s. I was getting about four hours of sleep a night and then crashing hard at the end of the week and thought that was fine, but the first vacation I did take was so valuable because I was able to decompress finally. When it was over everything seemed clearer, and it helped me see the value in getting completely away so that you can be a better person when you are on the job.

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