My First Dollar Earned…

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There are lots of “firsts” for a young child that make an impression
on the rest of their lives. It can be the first time taking a snap
from under center that leads you to become an all-county quarterback,
or a first grade school science fair experiment that steers a boy or a
girl to become a successful scientist at a university. For a small
business owner, one of the biggest firsts comes from the time you
earned your first dollar and got to understand the importance of
working hard to do a job right. Making that first bit of money on my
own was an important step that led to the eventual opening of
Precision Roof Crafters. The first dollar I ever earned came from
working at the snack bar at my local flea market. The owner of the
market was a friend of our family and I was at an age where my mom
decided I needed to be a little more productive, so I got recruited to
work there and started out pushing a broom to clean up the place
before I was promoted to the snack bar. I was really shy at the time
and learned a lot about people by watching them interact and haggle
with the vendors, so much that it became kind of a hobby for me. Later
on I fell in love with the restaurant business and my time as a
manager of a Carraba’s was what gave me the first real idea that I
could do my own business. By going on to manage several upscale
restaurants, and seeing that successful people weren’t all that
different from everyone else, I learned that the most important thing
for being in business is doing whatever it takes to make people happy
and earn their trust. That’s what we do for every roofing customer in
Houston who trusts us to protect their home from the elements, because
we know that a family’s biggest investment demands nothing but the

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